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By:Vaulte Kamish
Published on 2013-02 by

|What if mankind is an endangered species?| |South Park| meets |Tropic Thunder| in this highly acerbic, visceral and satirical, action-adventure comedy. Find out why readers are torn between praise and scorn for the most controversial, eco-disaster thriller of the decade. ***Caution: for mature readers only. This book contains scenes of a graphic nature, black comedy, disturbing social satire, and British spelling.*** Brief Synopsis: |Diary of an Eco-Warrior| chronicles the adventures of intrepid, but unfortunate animal tracker, Chuck Collins, as he goes in search of endangered species to save from oblivion. Problem is, Collins is a disaster-magnet. Animals hate him... and they can't wait to tear him apart. Dogged by the epic failure of his safari amusement park, he badly needs to resurrect his career before self-loathing consumes him. His producer puts him on the trail of vicious creatures in mortal peril - in the hope that something catastrophic will be caught on camera and boost ratings. Reality exceeds expectations, however, when the hapless crew are trapped in a cross-fire on their first expedition. Heavily armed poachers appear to be kidnapping exotic and dangerous animals for sport. |My name is Chuck Collins and I'm on a mission from Gaia.| Inspired by a higher calling, Collins leads his crew across the globe to scupper the poacher's plans, but ends up uncovering a far bigger conspiracy to save the planet by nefarious means. |Survival is not a zero-sum game.| About the publisher: Shared Experience Art Machine ( unites artists and audience to create meaningful entertainment with a positive social impact. The |Endangered Species| series will explore topical ecological and environmental issues using satire in order to reach a different audience than the norm. Visit our website to learn more about |Endangered Species,| talk to the author, and find out more about our projects and how you can get involved.

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Download Endangered Species PDF Free

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Download Endangered Species Free

Download Endangered Species PDF

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