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Download Gateway to Engineering PDF Free

Gateway to Engineering PDF
By:George Rogers,Michael Wright,Ben Yates
Published on 2013-01-01 by Cengage Learning
GATEWAY TO ENGINEERING, 2E helps students build a solid foundation in technological literacy as they study engineering-related careers and educational pathways. This book introduces middle school students to the process of design, the importance of engineering graphics, and applications of electricity and electronics, mechanics, energy, communications, automation/robotics, manufacturing processes, and control systems/computer programming. The vibrant four-color design and plentiful images make it especially appealing to middle school students, while the text’s strong engineering flavor and alignment with national Standards for Technological Literacy make it the perfect tool for mastering Project Lead the Way’s Gateway to Technology curriculum. It also includes a revised chapter featuring sustainable architecture, enhanced coverage of green technology, and new CourseMate inter…

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